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So What About God Now That You Are Off to College?

Rev. Kathryn Adams
Director, Protestant Campus Ministry at YSU

You've made it through high school. Survived geometry, given your all for football, band, the school newspaper, partied through Prom, cheered the school on to victory, cut class a few times, studied hard, and played even harder. So what's next? Our partner wr1ter.com. Quality essay writing service in UK

College is next. College is a four-year-long series of opportunities, crises, and adventures. New people, places, and things. Choosing a major. Funding your studies. Facing those exams and finishing those papers.

Exploring relationships and rearranging the way you feel about yourself. Living on campus or off campus on your own. Growing up in totally new and amazing ways.

God is there. You just have to look. Maybe in some unexpected places. Maybe in some unexpected ways. And maybe in some pretty unexpected situations.

What you'll find at Protestant Campus Ministry at YSU:

  1. Fellowship, friendship, spiritual and emotional support.
  2. Ways to grow as a Christian and as a person through a variety of unique service opportunities where you can use your gifts.

  3. An arena in which to ask questions about faith, life, college, family issues and concerns about peace, social justice and friends and neighbors who share this world with us.
  4. You'll find acceptance, a listening ear from campus ministers, and a place where you can be yourself.

Check out Protestant Campus Ministry at Youngstown State University - it'll be one of the best investments you make while you're here!

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